Itzhak Bentov

24 Aug

May 25, 1979) was a Czech born scientist, inventor, mystic and author. He was an early exponent of what has come to be referred to as consciousness studies.

Bentov was born in Czechoslovakia and moved to Israel. In Israel, Bentov was part of the fledgling state’s scientific unit, the Hemmed, where he designed Israel’s first rocket for the War of Independence. The Hemmed had to make improvised weapons as there was a world-wide embargo on selling weapons to the Jewish state.

After the war, Bentov moved to America where he followed his passion as an inventor. By profession he was a mechanical engineer specialising in Biomedical Engineering and instrumentation. He is credited with the invention of the remote controlled cardiac catheter (US Patent Sep., 1971 Bentov. )

He was also an accomplished meditator.

By blending analytical knowledge and intuitive insight, Itzhak Bentov was the first to develop what is now widely accepted as a holographic model of reality.

His best known work is Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness (1979) in which he described his theory of The Continuous Big Bang Universe a form of Eternal return. (Its title was a play on that of Euell Gibbons‘ popular 1962 book Stalking the Wild Asparagus.)

He died in the American Airlines Flight 191 disaster at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago on May 25, 1979.

  • Our bodies are mirrors of the whole universe, at every level.

  • Vibration permeates all things.

  • The universe and all matter is made of consciousness in the process of developing to higher levels.

  • Our brains are thought receivers and amplifiers, not the source of thought.

  • All knowledge that has ever been generated is potentially available to us from other consciousnesses somewhere in the universe.

  • The universe is a hologram. The brain is a hologram interpreting a holographic universe.

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